A new salesforce implementation will present you with many challenges. The biggest challenges tend to be: data imports, adaptation to the sales model, and driving the adoption of the system by the sales team. From our experiences, when implementing salesforce for the first time, there are obstacles that can derail your implementation or lead to issues down the line. Below are some insights:

YOUR buy-in – Salesforce is a platform that your company can build its business upon. Executives and stakeholders need to create a vision around what the platform can be and where it could take their business. Management needs to stay engaged during this process, which allows everyone else stays engaged. A Client sponsor (Administrator) needs to be the internal champion of the project from the start and moving forward.

YOUR wants vs. Needs – Initial stakeholders are typically not the main end users who are called upon to use this tool on a daily basis. Segmenting all the users of the tool is very important. This allows for a fully integrated user experience at each necessary level.

YOUR planning – It is surprising the general lack of thought that goes into planning when implementing salesforce. Allow yourself the time to internally talk through your requirements first, before getting a consultant involved.

YOUR dedicated Administer – A Client Administer needs to be your internal champion of the project from the start and moving forward.