What is a QuickStart?

We understand salesforce is both a robust system as well as a substantial investment for most firms. Leaving you with a vast amount of possibilities to setting it up. Information Logistics wants you to find the benefits with the tool as quickly as possible. Our Quickstarts are designed to help you realize that goal.

Through the use of best practices, Information Logistics accomplishes this by listening to your needs, asking analytical questions and discussing our recommendations. We want Salesforce to work within your business model and we can help to improve it, if desired.

Information Logistics’ approach is to work remotely as a team with your designated administrator, implementing these changes. If necessary, onsite consultation is available at your request.

Information Logistics offers a customized experience and works directly with you to address your specific needs. Our goal is to get you up and running and keep your business on track and growing.

Our Process:

  1. Initial call:  Introduction and gather high level information about your needs with salesforce
  2. Proposal: A written proposal with a time estimate will be provided based on the extent of your implementation.
    This proposal will include the features, customizations, and data requirements recommended for your Quickstart.
  3. Acceptance: A signed acceptance of the proposal is returned to Information Logistics
  4. Discovery call (or onsite): In-depth session(s) with key stakeholders to conduct a thorough business process review.
    A detailed analysis of current and future processes focused on improving business results.
  5. Build: Customized setup, configuration and installation which may include (dependent on your edition)

Our Quickstarts typically include the following work:

  •  Set up and customization of salesforce functions
  •  Custom Fields
  •  Page Layouts
  •  Roles and Profiles
  •  Templates
  •  Web-to-Lead
  •  Custom Objects
  •  Process and Workflow development
  •  Reports and Dashboards
  •  Training
  •  Data migration

QuickStart Versions
Our Quickstarts are sized for the needs of each client. This ensures that you are not overbuying.

Additional Salesforce Capabilities:
Our experience with integrating salesforce with other platforms can further optimize your user experience. Below is a collection of additional salesforce capabilities we can implement for you:

Community Development – Partner and Customer Communities can provide an amazing quantity of services to those that you interact with.


Visualforce and Lightning App Development – Want to build something custom within We have built time savers, quoting tools, integrations, web sites, and other tools using Visualforce and now Lightning will make the same quantity of impact.


Conga – Have your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations automatically created from data in with templates.


Docusign – Integrate electronic signature into your workflow and save time with less hassle.


Drawloop – Get your document automation done and save time with Drawloop.


Geopointe – Get your data mapped and organized. What other accounts are near me? What regions are having the most issues or closing the largest deals. Map, understand, and act.


Gridbuddy – Save time within salesforce by mass editing, creating, and organizing your salesforce data.


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