Ever just wake up one morning and KNOW it was going to be a good day? Yeah, that happened in July in Chicago.

Midwest Dreamin’ is a regional User Group. This is the second year of this extravaganza. Last year Steve Molis and I brought the formula comedy road show, so this year the conversation was “Top Habits of a Highly Successful Admin”.

ask the expert

Before the session though, I caught up with several other Salesforce MVP’s and together we worked the “Ask the Expert” booth, in the expo hall. I’m continuously amazed at the knowledge and experience of what people are accomplishing, with this service. Our band of misfits have been playing deeply in the Marketing Cloud, Service Console, incredibly large deployments, and people trying to deploy as fast as possible.

Dreamin egg

If you are an Admin or Dev of Salesforce, spend some time and talk with your fellow attendees. “Day of Dreamforce” is probably the best description of the day.  In the end these kinds of days are all about what you put into it. I have been doing Salesforce for longer then just about anybody and I am still learning from others. If all you do is sit through sessions and drink the coffee, you’re missing the point of these events.

I was able to sit through some of the sessions. Cory Cowgill talked about how to utilize the Analytics API, an Open Source graphing tool, and JavaScript to create amazing info graphics with Salesforce data.  I then saw a presentation from the Salesforce Foundationwho are building a custom deployment of communities primarily focused on Education. Sounds like the Non-Profit Starter Pack all over again. That may be a good thing!

There are a number of these “Super User Groups” being scheduled. Reach out and find them. Awesome education.

Here are a few pics from the time there:

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