Bisnow Media Corporation

Bisnow Media Corporation
1817 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

Bisnow Media is a digital media company based in Washington DC. Bisnow publishes email newsletters across twenty-one US markets including Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Houston, LA, New Jersey, New York City, Orange County, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida, Toronto, and Washington, DC. The company also produces local business events that include panels of speakers as well as designated networking periods.

Bisnow began in 2004 as a Washington, DC-focused commercial real estate email newsletter. In 2005, Mark Bisnow, along with son Elliott Bisnow redesigned the format of the newsletter and began to grow the business model into other US markets, starting with New York City. The company expanded its business model to include publications concerning news from the legal, nightlife, federal technology, energy, and entrepreneurship industries, while maintaining a focus on local professionals. In 2006, the company expanded into event production.

Today Bisnow is the largest provider of Commercial Real Estate news in the U.S. Currently hosting over 250 events per year, publishes 38 e-newsletters, and reaching 610,000 subscribers.

Below is a summary of Information Logistics’ Learning, Actions and Results as they pertain to Bisnow Media Corporation.

What did Information Logistics learn from Bisnow and what did they need from IL?

Bisnow’s events and sales departments were operating independently of one another, therefore requiring excessive manual manipulation through emails and spreadsheets, in order to complete a given transaction, or close a deal.

With the amount of transactions increasing and the non-cohesive nature between event planning and sales initiatives becoming a challenge, the need for a custom application able to house all pertinent information became necessary.

What did Information Logistics implement for Bisnow?

IL was able to streamline Bisnow’s business model by building a custom Salesforce application allowing the events, sales, marketing, accounting and ad trafficking departments to operate seamlessly with one another within a combined CRM platform.

  • Developed a custom Event Management platform, allowing the event producers and coordinators to organize specific details pertaining to each event, including sponsorship information, designated speakers as well as attendees.
  • Established workflow rules and custom list views allowing the accounting team to monitor sales and events progress, as well as track payments and invoicing status.
  • Replaced existing paper documents, by creating custom templates housed electronically in Salesforce which could then be used to monitor event sponsorship details, allocated event dollars, as well as advertisements and custom content article information.
  • Created a new User Interface of Salesforce using an integrated grid based application allowing users fast access and edit capabilities to many records at once.

What were the positive results from these actions?

  • Seamless communication between the sales and event management teams.
  • Allowed the sales team to manage their accounts on one common screen, reducing the amount of clicks required, through use of the custom grid-based User Interface.
  • Gained insight for the accounting team into the day-to-day transactions of sales initiatives through list views and workflow.
  • Eliminated the need for paper documents, relative to event sponsorships as well as aided in the electronic transmission of client order confirmation documents.
  • Reporting functionality allowing management to easily monitor progress, and opportunity pipeline.

Anticipated future results

  • Sales events become increasingly streamlined as their business continues to grow. Allowing for perpetual growth and a greater ROI.
  • Customer satisfaction, faster turnaround, less missteps in processes, greater communication between clients and event managers.

Products and Services that were used by Information Logistics

  • Salesforce (Enterprise Edition)
  • VisualForce
  • APEX coding