What Makes Us Different?

What makes Information Logistics stand out from the countless other salesforce consultants?

We are a nimble organization that holds itself to a high standard. We have an extensive background in salesforce, some with more than a decade of salesforce experience. We know what works and what doesn’t. Let us we put this knowledge to work for you.

Information Logistics is familiar with common sales techniques and business processes. This allows us to guide you through the implementation, while focusing on your business model.

Salesforce is built to be customizable to your business needs. Starting from scratch can be daunting and leave you confused. We believe that:

  • No company can be successful with salesforce if the consulting firm is the only entity that understands how your system is configured.
  • You need someone on staff that will be the local administrator. But they do not have to be technical.
  • Successful customers are actively working with us throughout the project.

The Rule of Five

Information Logistics uses the “Rule of FIVE”. This focuses on the top five essentials necessary for a system wide foundation to be created. Once established, your system can grow from there.

We’re working on a quick one page White Paper describing our Rule of Five and how it can be applied to your implementation of salesforce. Fill out the form below and we will send you the White Paper as soon as its done. We will also from time to time send other tips and tricks to make your deployment the best.

Case Study

We have a great Case Study that demonstrates what we did.

Case Study – Bisnow

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